Friday, April 5, 2013

Exceeding my own Expectations

It is a good feeling when you achieve a goal.  When you know that you have put in the hard work and it paid off.  On Saturday, 9th March, I finally ran 8.2km and I really really felt like I had achieved something.  Thanks Anna Cullis for running with me.  We don't train together but it is really nice to have someone running with you who really wants to just achieve something - a personal goal.  Our time was 54:10 which we were both happy with.  I know that we both want to improve our time.

Both Anna and I have set a goal which is to run 10km.  Haven't set the date yet but we are both training and it will happen soon.

It is a good feeling when you achieve a goal but an even better feeling when you exceed your own expectations and that is what I did tonight when I went for my run.

I love my running shoes because they are the most comfortable pair of running shoes I have ever owned.  From Day 1 they have just been so comfortable and never given me even one blister.  It's been a great relationship.

So tonight I set out with a goal of running 9kms.  If I want to run 10kms then I needed to increase the distance that I do.  Once a week I go for my "big run".  I can tell you that part way through I really just felt like giving up and going home so I had to have a stern talk to myself and remind "me" that I could do it.  It was a good feeling when my Garmin beeped letting me know that I had made the distance.

It really is a great feeling when you Exceed Expectation.