Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I will never forget.........

In come the dollars and in come the cents, to replace the pounds and the shillings and the pence.  Be prepared folks when the notes begin to mix, on the 14th February, 1966.
That was the day that decimal currency came in.  Even though it was a long time ago I remember that day because my dad, Ivan Frederick Goodwin, went to the Pub and got us a brand new 20 cent coin.  We waited in the car and when he came out we were so excited.  Sadly that was the last present he ever gave me.
8 days later on 22nd February he was travelling home from work on a front end loader and was killed when it rolled over going down a steep hill on Waverley Road in Glen Waverley.
Dad was 32 years old and way too young to die.
He went to work that morning and never came home.

I was six at the time and I don't think that I really knew what it meant that he was never coming home again
I just knew that my dad was gone.  Mum told us that God wanted him more than we did.  How could God want him more than us?
Sadly we never got to go to his funeral - never really got to say goodbye.
In 1966 it was not the done thing to take children to funerals.  Just not something you did.

 Recently I attended to the funeral of Aaron King who passed away suddenly at the age of 39.
As I watched Lisa and Aaron's boys get up and speak at their father's funeral and saw the wonderful love and support that they have from their family I couldn't help but feel sad that things were not the same way for me.  I felt so grateful that they got to be a part in saying goodbye to their dad.
I feel grateful that their grief was and is acknowledged.

This was the last photo ever taken of our family.
It was 26th January, 1966.

I don't know why my dad had to go when he did.  I don't know why he  had to leave us when  I was so young and he was so young.  I do know that there is a reason (I have my theories) and one day I will know.
I also know that one day we will be together again.
One day there will be no more goodbyes.
One day he will hug me again and tell me that he has missed me and
that he loves me.

Until then I will never forget.  I love you.
In loving memory of my Dad, Ivan Frederick Goodwin, who passed away
46 years ago today - 22nd February, 1966.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

When I Grow Up........

Darcey is growing up.  I just wish that it wouldn't happen so fast.
This is what she looked like.....

On Saturday I came home from a day away and this is what I found.....
A little miss who looks so grown up.
She told me that "mummy got my hair cut because I chew it"  "now it's in a bag".
Darcey is right on both counts.

 I can't believe how cute and grown up Darcey looks.
I know it has to happen but I just wish that it wouldn't happen so fast.

Raspberries & Ice Cream......Amazing!!!

It really is about time I got this  post up.  Have been working on it for way too long.
Day two of our family weekend started out with us heading to the Raspberry Farm at Christmas Hills for breakfast.  Well really it turned out to be brunch.  The Raspberry Farm was where Rhys and Amy had their wedding reception and the food is YUMMY!!!

It was so nice just sitting outside under the trees enjoying each other's company, having fun and making some great memories along the way.

Eric was ready to get right into the food.......

 and he was keen to show Aunty Lisa the menu.

The boys and girls had fun playing soccer

Even Eric wanted to have a go.......

Darcey loved the playhouse......


 and pushing Eric in the little red wagon......

and exploring!!

Finally the food arrived and it was YUMMY!!

With brunch out of the way we headed off to the Maze at Westbury and, more importantly,
Ice Cream at Andy's

Loved the gardens!!

Everyone had a go at the maze - even though some of us are directionally challenged.

And some of us got there quicker than others.. 

and saw the view from the middle of the maze 

Then it was off to Andy's for Ice Cream.........Yummmm!!

Eric's first experience with lemon Gelato - I don't think that he was very impressed... 

But the other ice cream made up for it. 

All in all it was a great day out for the whole family.
It was a beautiful day and after we got home some of them decided to head off to the Devonport Pool.
Family really is the most important thing.
We can have all the "things" in the world but when it comes down to it, it is our relationships that matter the most.

I look forward to future family weekends

Monday, February 6, 2012

What Matters Most

The past week or so has given me cause for reflection about what matters most.  I realise that no matter what we have (material possessions) nothing is more important than our relationships with our family and other people.

Recently we decided to have a family weekend and so on Friday and Saturday we spent the time together as a family and just enjoyed each other's company. We had a great time.

On Friday we started out by going to Wings Wildlife Park.

We got there just in time to see the Tassie Devil's being fed and Darcey got to pat one.  She loves animals.  This baby devil was kinda cute and very tame.  It really didn't mind being patted.  Love the sunglasses and so does Darcey

I know what it says on this sign and even though they sound quite ferocious at times they really are quite docile.  These guys were anxiously waiting for their food.

There were lots of animals there including this little guy - A quoll.

Eric was happy to just go along for the ride........

and chips......

and ice cream......

and to top  it off he enjoyed a baby wipe........
(don't know why he likes sucking them, he just does)

while Darcey enjoy a pizza.
(she enjoyed chewing baby wipes when she was Eric's age so it must be in the genes)

It was nice to just sit around and chat and eat.......

After we had lunch Darcey was really excited to see the Koala.

 Very cute and cuddly and, not to mention, sleepy

It's such a tough life being a Koala.  Sitting in a tree, eating leaves and sleeping.

The kangaroos were very friendly and Darcey loved feeding them.

The baby joey was so cute.  Darcey had us all laughing when she saw the joey and said "I'll get it" and tried to grab the joey out of the mother's pouch.   Fortunately we are quicker than her because I don't think that mum was too impressed at someone trying to grab her baby.  She was just trying to be kind.  gotta love her.

Soooooo  Cute!!

Not only did Darcey enjoy feeding the kangaroo's but the big kids did too.....

Ryan was a big hit with the kangaroos - I think that they actually liked him and didn't want to let him go

These guys had their eyes on us.

And this goat was just desperate to get a feed.

Almost time to go home so Lisa and I decided to put our feet up....... typical Lisa fashion she couldn't resist taking a few shots.

And for Eric it was all to much........

It was great to be able to spend a fun day together because Family really is what matters most.