Tuesday, February 21, 2012

When I Grow Up........

Darcey is growing up.  I just wish that it wouldn't happen so fast.
This is what she looked like.....

On Saturday I came home from a day away and this is what I found.....
A little miss who looks so grown up.
She told me that "mummy got my hair cut because I chew it"  "now it's in a bag".
Darcey is right on both counts.

 I can't believe how cute and grown up Darcey looks.
I know it has to happen but I just wish that it wouldn't happen so fast.


  1. She looks beautiful...not a baby anymore, even though to Grandma she kind of always will be I guess. Love the little haircut, so cute!

  2. Her hair is gorgeous. She is such a cutie ... a little free spirit. She sure is growing up and it's all too fast.